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Hi, guys welcome back to Let Earn Money. Today I am gonna talk about How Youtube Pay Works. Many of new YouTubers think that how youtube pay us and what we have to do. If you are planning to start a youtube channel so you have to read this article at the end. Youtube is a very good source of creators to earn money. Youtube is a very vast source of knowledge if anybody has a problem they search on youtube. If you want to make a youtube channel so read this article about how you can make a youtube channel Click Here. So, Let's begin.

How Youtube Pay Works - Let Earn Money
How Youtube Pay Works - Let Earn Money 

How Youtube Pay Works

So as you all know in youtube you have to make video's and upload it on your youtube channel. Youtube has a minimum requirement on your channel and when you fulfill their requirements, after that your videos will be monetized. The requirements are 4000 hours watch time and minimum 1000 subscriber. This is the minimum requirements of youtube for channels to monetize. After monetization youtube play ads on your youtube channel videos. And when people watch your video ads and click on it you will get paid. Your earnings are shown in your Adsense account. Youtube pay for ads showing on your videos. The main thing is that you have to increase your subscribers and views on your videos. Just do Hard work on your Youtube channel. If you want to know how you can increase your youtube views and subscribers Click Here

Conclusion - How Youtube Pay Works

So, friends, I hope you understand how youtube pay works. If you want any type of help from me so you can comment below.

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